Screenings and Grit Plant

Headworks/Inlet Works Screening Grit

This Wastewater Treatment Plant treats 57 ML/day of primary sewage from an EP of 210,000. The plant was expanded and commissioned in Dec 2005. The new SPIRAC®systems include three Grit Vortex chambers, hydrocyclones, a SANDSEP® grit classifier, two twin SPIROWASH® screening washer units, a sluice and conveying system, and two Spirotainers®.

Grit is pumped from the Grit Vortex chambers through three hydrocyclones and discharged into a single SANDSEP screening classifier. This feeds a common screenings/grit collection conveyor to fill two Spirotainers. Screenings from a band screen are transported via launder to twin SPIROWASH® screw-compactors which wash and compact the screenings before elevating the screenings into the collection conveyor. Automatic bifurcated chutes allow bypass to overflow bins if the Spirotainer is full or absent. The system is completely automated, allowing auto bin changeover, duty/standby operation of the Miniwashers, and full monitoring and functional control.

This screenings and grit plant upgrade in 2006 included the following SPIRAC equipment:

  • Vortex grit systems (3) with Grit pump extraction
  • Launder (sluice) system to transfer screenings and washwater from screens to SPIROWASH units
  • SPIROWASH® Duplex (2) for high capacity screenings washing and compaction
  • SANDSEP® Grit classifier fed by three hydrocyclones
  • Combined screenings and grit transfer conveyor
  • Diverter chutes on screenings and grit feed to conveyor for emergency bypass
  • Two SPIROTAINERS® for storage, odour containment and road transport


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