Sludge Handling and Storage

Shafless Screw Conveyors and Silo Solutions
Live-Bottom and Sliding Frame Silos round rectangular

SPIRAC is a global market leader in sludge storage, truck receival and outloading solutions. Offering two outloading system solutions, live bottom and sliding frame, coupled with rectangular or round silo systems and truck receival bunkers, SPIRAC are able to offer an optimized solution to suit most applications.

SPIROTAINER® is an automatic self-filling containment and road transport system. It is designed to make full use of storage volume and is a cost effective alternative for containing and transporting material such as screenings, grit or sludge.

SPIRAC silos offer versatile storage options with their flexible design that can be purposed for ground level or raised storage. The silos are virtually maintenance free and offer high capacity outloading.

Sliding Frames

  • A slowly reciprocating, hydraulically driven steel frame pushes or pulls sludge toward a central extraction screw
  • Speed controlled to provide outloading rates suitable for fast truck filling down to pump feed
  • Allows for vertical walls and cylindrical silo construction, optimizing volume utilization and reducing height or footprint
  • Eliminates any opportunity for bridging, arching or flow hangups, material flow is first in, first out.
  • Reliable, quiet and simple operation
  • Can also be applied to rectangular silos, concrete bunkers, and truck receival bunkers

Live Bottoms

  • Multiple spiral screws form a rectangular bed of moving screws to eliminate bridging or blockage of the stickiest sludges
  • Large diameter, large pitch spirals are capable of high torque and fast but controllable outloading rates, or very low outloading rates for pump feed
  • Very low RPM ensures that trough liners will rarely need replacing (perhaps once per decade)
  • Simple operation, direct drive, few moving parts ensure that maintenance is near zero.  Inspection of the interiors of these silos is not required, except at perhaps 5-10 year intervals.



SPIROTAINER® containment and road transport
Container für automatische Befüllung, Lagerung und Strassentransport


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