Sludge Sliding Frame Silo with heat tracing

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Lundåkraverket WWTP is situated in the municipality of Landskrona, Sweden. It is equipped with mechanical, biological and chemical treatment facilities. It was first established in 1960 and all through these years, 

ECONET VMT entrusted SPIRAC to install a round Sliding Frame Silo for Sludge storage. The required volume for the new sludge Sliding Frame silo is 120m3 and the outloading capacity is 80m3/h. The diameter of the silo is 3.82m and its total height is approx. 15m. The sludge dry substance content is between 18% and 24%.  The silo is insulated and includes heat tracing to keep the sludge within the silo from freezing during winter.

Our solution included the following SPIRAC products:

  1. Sliding Frame Silo with 120m3
  2. Twin U500 for outloading
  3. a knife gate and an electrical retractable chute


The contract was awarded in August 2020 and the installation was completed in March 2021. Since May 2021 the new silo is fully operational.

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