SPIROLINE® Long Continuous Run for floating materials

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Shaftless Spiral Conveyors showcase remarkable capabilities in efficiently managing extended runs with just a single gearbox. In this video presentation, witness a SPIROLINE® conveyor seamlessly transporting scum (light material that floats on top) across a 32m (100ft) distance, featuring our distinctive U-shaped trough and a FB-215/245 shaftless screw conveyor. This serves as a compelling demonstration of sustained performance, highlighting the conveyance of challenging materials with a solitary gearbox. Notably, we have successfully conveyed runs of up to 50m (160ft) using a single gearbox in previous applications.

Designed specifically for the transportation of demanding materials, SPIROLINE® conveyors are adept at accommodating a diverse range of moisture levels and viscosities. Fitted with a high-torque gearbox and a robust spiral, these conveyors excel in handling light materials such as fats, oils, and greases that tend to float to the top. This showcases the capability of shaftless spiral conveyors in managing scum materials even in the most challenging conditions.

The conveyors boast a remarkable load/torque capacity, allowing operation at up to 100% full capacity while utilizing nearly the entire cross-section of the trough without hindering material flow. This design ensures a seamless and efficient conveyance process. Furthermore, the SPIROLINE® easily meets the requirements of complex geometries and limited space, thereby enhancing their versatility across various industrial applications.

For those seeking a flexible transport solution for wastewater materials, we invite you to talk to us. Discuss your needs, and let us demonstrate how our innovative conveyors can provide a tailored solution to meet your specific requirements.

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