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Alkimos SPIROWASH® SPIROTAINER® storing washing dewatering compacting

Wastewater and water infrastructure is essential to support growth and development in this region and reduced pressure on existing wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations. The wastewater gets delivered by a system of gravity sewers flowing from the north and south. Wastewater is treated by the activated sludge process to produce a treated wastewater with low solids and nitrogen levels, making it suitable for further treatment for recycling or discharge to the ocean.

This project features the following SPIRAC products:

  • Two SPIROWASH® screenings washer
  • Two Grit Vortex systems
  • SANDWASH® grit washer

For more details please contact one of our engineers. 


SPIROTAINER® containment and road transport
Container für automatische Befüllung, Lagerung und Strassentransport
SANDWASH Grit Washer
Sandwaschanlagen zur Entfernung von organischen Stoffen

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