Pretreatment Plant for Organic Waste

Truck receival bunker, pre-treament and storage

This food waste pretreatment plant handles organic household waste discharged into a receival bunker from where it is fed into the plant for pretreatment. During this phase, metal, plastic and other solid materials get separated. The remaining material is processed into a biomass storage container.

SPIRAC conveyors handle the transport of the organic household waste delivered in the SPIRAC receival bunker. From the receival bunker, the material is transported via screw conveyor to a crusher, for the decomposition of larger materials. This shaftless transport screw conveyor consists of four frequency driven screws which are controlled in pairs. From here the waste is transported via SPIRAC conveyors through the pretreatment plant and transported into a biomass storage container.

SPIRAC products used:

  1. Truck receival bunker
  2. 4 x Livebottom shaftless screw (L=15.6m @ 27 degrees)
  3. Shaftless screw conveyors



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